Sales Pipeline Management

Sales funnel concepts are simple - leads drop in and sales actions convert opportunities into revenue. Why is this critical sales management process so full of gaps, delays and misinformation? Why are forecasts over stated based on what seems to be high probability sales? These are just a few of the pain points sale leaders must figure out. We believe Pipeline Velocity is the answer.

Does your Sales Pipeline have Velocity?

Pipeline Velocity is the measure of how quickly deals convert to revenue. 

  • Without Velocity

  • High degree of lost opportunities

  • Pipeline full but not moving

  • Low lead count is to blame

  • With Velocity:

  • Factors that influence revenue are understood

  • Small changes make a big difference

  • Ability to integrate into CRM systems to automate


Key Velocity Variables

A proven formula for objective analysis to fix your sales pipeline.

We're experts at the complete commercial cycle and have the tools you need to fix a slow and inefficient pipeline.


It's more than just a formula,

but the right insight with the right leadership,

training and focus can make a big difference.


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