Winning your customer's attention is your only competition - and doing that requires relevance.

- Dr. Gunter Wessels


How We Make

You Relevant

Founded by Dr. Gunter Wessels, LiquidSMARTS has over 25+ years of experience in taking companies to the next level.


Each of our live & on-line sessions are custom-made for your company.

Zero Theory

Our team is a group of Real Industry Experts who train your team from our collective battle testing, not textbooks


Worst to First

We assess and prescribe learning to your team to address their deficits and tune up their strengths based on your industry & vertical



Protecting your sales funnel is critical.

Let us show you how to protect it & keep it full through our system

Distance Sales

When your team is restricted by time, distance, or other circumstances, we tune them up to hit the mark

What type of services do we offer?

Who can benefit from our training?

Don't do your Needs Assessment alone. Get a commercial grade report made for you. 


No...there are no strings attached.

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LiquidSMARTS℠, a Global Professional Services and Technology Company, has focused its practice reducing miscommunication, misalignment of resources, and dis-coordination of action in periods of rapid change. Avoiding these issues increases engagement and sales volume. Clients benefit from a dedication to the Discover, Design, Engineer, and Engage (DDEE℠) methodology that can be implemented within any company to increase revenue.

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