We Build, Create & Drive Relevance

"Winning a customer's attention is the ONLY competition in business and doing that requires RELEVANCE."

― Dr. Gunter Wessels

We focus on four areas:

  • Assets:

    Providing tools that enable and improve outcomes 

  • People:

    Tuning the What & How

    of communications

  • Technology:

    Focusing on reducing friction and increasing relevance

  • Training:

    Building the skills of people & teams through assessments & training

What type of services do we offer?

Who can benefit from our training?

Collaborate & Engage

Our consulting services help organizations avoid miscommunication, misalignment & discoordination.


We work with forward-thinking organizations to improve relevance and actionability with their customers, partners, and one another. 


Organizations that need innovative solutions to fix the root cause of their commercial & organizational issues ranging from revenue and market share erosion, turnover, miscommunication, and wasted resources can benefit from starting a conversation with our team.


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LiquidSMARTS℠, a Global Professional Services and Technology Company, has focused its practice reducing miscommunication, misalignment of resources, and discoordination of action in periods of rapid change. Avoiding these issues increases engagement and sales volume. Clients benefit from a dedication to the Discover, Design, Engineer, and Engage (DDEE℠) methodology that can be implemented within any company to increase revenue.

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